Call for applications for non-EU citizens

The call for applications for non-EU citizens not resident in Italy is now closed. It will open again in December 2024 for the academic year 2025/26.

Please note that for applications in the call is strictly required for applicants to hold a CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) equal to or above 75% of the maximum grades (e.g., 3 in a scale of 4). For details refer to the call.

The old call is available here.

Here is a video (for non-EU students) with a short interview of the chair of the M.Sc, and here is the video with the full interview.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I apply to the M.Sc. in Cybersecurity? – the only way to apply to the MS.C. in Cybersecurity is by strictly following the instruction in the call. Any other material sent in any other way (included e-mail) is disregarded.
  • where do I found the results of my application? – The results will be published once the selection procedure is completed on the site: For the dates of publication please read carefully the call. Please also note that the non-admitted candidates will not receive any communication via e-mail.
  • when does the results of the selection will be available? – at the end of the procedure for each deadlines. Please read carefully the call for application, the deadlines are written there, included the dates of availability of the results
  • I submitted my application some time ago… is it possible to know what is the status of the application/when the results will be available? – I’m sorry no. Just read the call to find the deadlines concerning the procedure and the dates of publication of the results.
  • the results of the selection report “not admitted”. Is it possible to reconsider my application? – unfortunately no. Once the results are published the selection is concluded and we cannot roll back.
  • the results of the selection report “not admitted”. Is it possible to have a second chance? – Unfortunately not… the only second chance is to apply again to the next available call.
  • I have been “not admitted”. What is the reason? – It is just that the selection is highly competitive. Each year we receive in total around 1500 applications and we generally admit around 40/50 candidates to the restricted interview. Usually around 20 candidates are admitted to the M.Sc each year.
  • What are the criteria of evaluation of the applications? – we assess the applications mainly on the CGPA of your B.Sc. and on the international ranks of the University where you got it.
  • The call/deadline for application has expired, when there will be the next one? – we publish one call per year, generally at the end of December/early January. Each call has two deadlines for application. There are no other possibilities to apply to the M.Sc. (no third deadline, no second call).
  • The results in the site report “Admitted”… what’s next? – well, first of all congratulations. You will receive within a week an email from the offices with instructions for the interview.
  • Do I need a specific certification of English to apply? – no, you can apply even without it (but if you have just upload it). Note however that, in case you are admitted, the Italian embassy may request such a certificate to issue the VISA. That’s out of our control anyway.
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