Enrolment and support

Important note: The University of Pisa also offers a 1 year program called “Master in Cybersecurity”. This is different than our “M.Sc. in Cybersecurity” (in Italian “Laurea Magistrale in Cybersecurity”), which is a two year program, and is held in English. Please, keep this in mind when you complete your application.

The portal of on-line services for students of the University of Pisa:

The students also share some groups in Telegram.

You can connect to the group of students of the academic year 22/23 with this link: https://t.me/+c05FPW2BOHkzMWJk.

Telegram group of students 2021/22: https://t.me/joinchat/fgt7Bb1Lb6NlZjNk.


Support for Students

Students applying for the Master programme in Cybersecurity may consider applying to DSU to require access to fellowships.

Instructions are available at http://www.dsu.toscana.it (the page is in Italian)

Grants for period of study /traineeship / thesis abroad

The University of Pisa publishes various calls every year, with the aim of providing an economic contribution to students who intend to spend a period of time abroad to follow courses, carry out an internship or work on their thesis. Each call establishes the type of scholarships offered, the requirements for applying and the deadline for submitting them. In general, it is possible to apply for more than one call but the contributions cannot be combined for the same mobility period. For further information, please consult the following pages:

  1. Erasmus+ call:
  2. Call for the assignment of mobility grants for the acquisition of CFU abroad
  3. Call for Theses Abroad


The goal of the tutoring service is to assist students, to involve them in the educational process, and to try removing possible obstacles to a fruitful attendance of courses.

Each student is assigned a tutor, whom the student can directly address if needed.

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