Admission and course structure

Admission requirements

The degree program is free access.

The general curricular requirement for admission is the possession of a three-year degree in Computer Science (Class L-31), or in Information Technology (Class L-8).

Students with a 3-year Bachelor’s degree from another class obtained in Italy or equivalent qualifications obtained abroad can be admitted if they have acquired at least 54 ECTS (Italian equivalent CFU) credits in the following sectors:

  • At least 36 credits in ING-INF/01 (Electronics), ING-INF/03 (Telecommunication), ING-INF/05 (Computing Systems) sectors or INF/01 (Computer Science sector)
  • At least 18 credits in the mathematics or physics sectors.

A good knowledge of English is required (Level B2 or higher).

The slides – in italian – of a short presentation can be found here.

Open calls for admission of non-EU students

Each year we publish calls for application for non-EU students not resident in Italy:

Course structure

The syllabus of the courses can be found here, while a more detailed description of the courses can be found here.

Year of courseFirst semesterCFUSecond semesterCFU
1at choice – group A12Applied cryptography9
1Organizational sciences and information and technology law 12Language-based technology for security9
1Data and system security9Hardware and embedded security9
2Secure software engineering9Dependability6
2Network security9Free choice 26
2Free choice 16Further activities1
2Artificial intelligence for security6Final MsC thesis defense 17
Distribution of the courses in the semesters

Group A exams:

  • Electronics and communication technologies – ECT (12 CFU)
  • Systems and languages for informatics – SLI (12 CFU)

Electronics and communication technologies (ECT) is split in two modules:

  • Electronics systems (6 CFU);
  • Communication technologies (6 CFU);

Systems and languages for informatics (SLI) is split in two modules:

  • Systems for informatics (6 CFU);
  • Languages for informatics (6 CFU);

Free choice exams:

The following free choice exams at the second year are already activated:

  • Electromagnetic Security (6 CFU)
  • Penetration and defence laboratory (6 CFU)
  • Biometrics systems (6 CFU)

Additional information

Erasmus – Students taking part in the ERASMUS project and students who have applied for a transfer from another course of study, or abbreviation or career reunification, should contact the secretary of the master programme

Degree marks system – The final mark is determined by summing the average mark for all examinations, weighted with respect to the number of CFUs, an evaluation of the curriculum and the discussion of the thesis.

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