Title: Privacy in IEEE 802.11: RCM, 802.11bi and 802.11bh

Speaker: Ing. (PhD) Domenico Ficara

Location: Room ADI1 – Engineering School

Monday 16th, 15.00-18.00

Abstract: The seminar presents the privacy concerns linked to MAC Address-based systems used for people tracking and localization across various applications (e.g., smart cities, intelligent transportation systems, marketing, etc.). These systems have underscored the need for mobile device manufacturers to develop Randomized And Changing MAC address (RCM) techniques as a countermeasure for device identification. The seminar presents the RCM implementation and its evolution over the years. The seminar elucidates the RCM influence on network processes and services, and delves into the recent strides made within the domains of the recent IEEE working groups 802.11bh and 802.11bi. A thorough analysis of the initial work undertaken by these groups is presented, accompanied by an overview of the pertinent research challenges.

Short Bio 

Domenico Ficara, PhD, is a Principal Software Engineer with Cisco Systems, in the wireless business unit, located in Switzerland. He’s designed and contributed to the development of multiple pieces of cutting-edge infra and features on Cisco Catalyst 9800 and 91xx wireless solutions and holds a number of patents on wireless technologies.

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