The Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity responds to the growing need for trained specialists with high scientific and technological expertise in the field of cybersecurity. To this end, it provides its graduates with a deep knowledge of the scientific foundations, methodologies and technologies of the area, which allows them to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and to be able to deal with cybersecurity in the most diverse application areas.

In particular, this is the first master’s degree in Italy that addresses the security aspects at both hardware and software levels.

The degree also addresses the context of cybersecurity, consisting of organizations and companies that need to protect themselves from security risks, and the legal aspects of information security.

The degree program is designed to be profitably attended by students with strong knowledge of computer science or computer engineering from different degree classes, including those of Information Engineering classes and Computer Science and Technology.

The course is entirely delivered in English.

The master is offered by the departments of Information Engineering and of Computer Science of the University of Pisa. For information about the enrolment see section students.

Learnings Outcomes

  • Knowledge of the scientific and technological aspects related to IT security and state-of-the-art solutions for the design, construction, verification and maintenance of safe and secure IT infrastructures and systems;
  • knowledge of the aspects related to the organization of companies and the risk aspects related to the use of information technologies in the construction of their infrastructures and in data management;
  • knowledge of the legal aspects regarding the protection of IT systems and treatment of data managed with digital tools; knowledge on the design of IT and data management systems in accordance with current legislation;
  • ability to keep pace with technological innovation in cybersecurity, also by drawing on scientific publications in the field of cybersecurity
  • ability to design and evaluate innovative IT security solutions

Career Opportunities

Designer of secure IT systems and applications

Design, development, evaluation, verification and management of complex communication systems and infrastructures meeting the most stringent security needs.
Skills: Deep knowledge of methodologies and technologies related to information security and of the legal aspects related to data processing and their security; ability to understand and integrate new technologies; strong capacity for critical analysis and evaluation of complex problems, also in relation to the many application areas mandating the adoption of secure IT systems; understanding of the company organization from the point of view of IT security.
Where: Companies, public bodies and public administrations operating in the field of production and IT services.

Cyber ​​security researcher

Research on theories, methodologies and applications, in all areas of IT security.
Skills: deep knowledge of the scientific and technological foundations of IT security and secure data management; ability to abstract and model complex IT systems and networks; knowledge of the problems posed by the interaction between IT security and other scientific / technological disciplines.
Where: public and private bodies operating in the IT security research sector, and scientific research in general. It is also possible to access subsequent university study levels, such as the PhD in Computer Science, Information Engineering and doctorates in related disciplines.

Cyber ​​Security Specialist

Supervision, coordination and management of IT security policies and activities for companies and public administrations relating to the analysis, design, management and maintenance of information systems and networks.
Skills: the IT security specialist is a skilled professional in technologies and methodologies for IT security and in the safe and reliable management of data. The specialist has also deep knowledge of the business organization and of the legal aspects of IT security, that allow him / her to cope with the various IT security needs of companies and public administrations. Specific skills concern the ability to analyze IT systems for the prevention, discovery, mitigation of and recovery from cyber attacks, and the ability to design or remodel the existing IT infrastructures to meet specific security needs.
Where: Companies, public bodies and public administrations operating in the field of production and IT services.

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